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An unexpected issue occurred! - July 27th, 2017

TibiaLottery experienced an unexpected issue in the process it uses to draw lotteries automatically tonight. We have investigated and fixed the issue. Please let us know if you experience any more issues at Thank you. Edit: We briefly had an issue where future lotteries were drawn on accident. This issue has been resolved an...News Ticketmore news
Welcome to the Tibia Lottery Dice Roller!

The dice roller is just a tool that gives you a random number (or multiple random numbers) in a hurry! Say somebody requests a random ticket, well the dice roller could easily help with that! The dice roller basically just gives you random numbers without making you go through the trouble of making a lottery. Of course you should not use this in place of a lottery because you won't be able to prove the numbers to others, but if you need a random number quickly, this will help!

Lowest possible number: Can't be less than one, must be lower than the highest possible number.
Highest possible number: Can't be less than one, must be higher than the lowest possible number.
Excluded numbers: Optional, separate multiple numbers with comma(s).
Amount of random numbers to generate: Keep in mind the range of numbers and excluded numbers.
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