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An unexpected issue occurred! - July 27th, 2017

TibiaLottery experienced an unexpected issue in the process it uses to draw lotteries automatically tonight. We have investigated and fixed the issue. Please let us know if you experience any more issues at Thank you. Edit: We briefly had an issue where future lotteries were drawn on accident. This issue has been resolved an...News Ticketmore news

Bug Fix

September 11th, 2012 - Shane

Yesterday a small TibiaLottery patch was pushed up that fixed a problem that would be encountered if a user created a lottery with an account and then changed the password to the account they created the lottery with.

This bug is now fixed and if you have a lottery that's stuck and is un-editable because of this issue, simply change the password to the account the lottery belongs to.

If you encounter any more issues, please contact Tibialottery support at

The Tibialottery Team
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