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TibiaBrasileiros' 3rd Birthday Competition

March 5th, 2016 - Shane

In honor of TibiaBrasileiros' 3rd Birthday, they're having a competition! Here's the details:

Everybody who wishes to enter should send a picture of themselves doing a cosplay of the assassin doll, or a fan art (drawings, dolls, cake, or whatever) inspired by the Assassin Doll. You can submit your pictures to

Email details:
Subject: Contest of 3rd Birthday!
Real name: (Example: Alleson Galv√£o)
Character Name: (Example: Alle Of Dark) (This character will receive the prize if you win.)
Image of Cosplay or FanArt in attached.

The competition starts today, March 3rd, and will end on April 1st.
You can only submit images until April 1st.
The results will be published on TibiaBrasileiros on April 5th.
The Cosplay or FanArt should be inspired by the Assassin Doll. (Including colors)
There will be three winners!

1st place:
Assassin Doll
Golden Warrior Trophy
Premium Time (30 Days)

2nd Place:
Nightmare Doll
Silver Warrior Trophy

3rd Place:
Badge of Glory
Bronze Warrior Trophy
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