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An unexpected issue occurred! - July 27th, 2017

TibiaLottery experienced an unexpected issue in the process it uses to draw lotteries automatically tonight. We have investigated and fixed the issue. Please let us know if you experience any more issues at Thank you. Edit: We briefly had an issue where future lotteries were drawn on accident. This issue has been resolved an...News Ticketmore news

Creator: Mike
Created on: June 11th, 2017
Number of tickets: 10
Server: Not specified
Was drawn on: June 18th, 2017 at 20:00 (CET)
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Rank Ticket Number Player
28Eternal Oblivion
76Mateusz Dragon Wielki
89Denis Tacador de Runa
91Lord Paulistinha
Rank 1) Ticket #4 - Smoked
Rank 2) Ticket #8 - Eternal Oblivion
Rank 3) Ticket #7 - Arieswar
Rank 4) Ticket #3 - Maurolkit
Rank 5) Ticket #2 - Bubble
Rank 6) Ticket #10 - Cachero
Rank 7) Ticket #6 - Mateusz Dragon Wielki
Rank 8) Ticket #9 - Denis Tacador de Runa
Rank 9) Ticket #1 - Lord Paulistinha
Rank 10) Ticket #5 - Kharsek
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