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Finally HTTPS Enabled - March 1st, 2019

TibiaLottery has finally gotten HTTPS! If you see anything acting weirdly, please contact TibiaLottery support and let us know. Thanks. Yours, The TibiaLottery Team...News Ticketmore news

Q: How do I use it?!
A: Go to the Create a Lottery webpage and enter your name in the "Creator:" text field (or a nickname, it doesn't really matter that much), enter a password in the "Password:" text field (Remember this in case you ever want to edit your lottery before it's drawn), if you posted your lottery in a thread you may enter the thread ID into the "Thread ID" text field. In the Number of Tickets field you enter how many tickets your lottery will have (which basically is used by the system to know how many random numbers to generate and also what numbers to generate them between). In the Draw Date you enter the date you wish for it to draw (It uses the month/day/year format). The current date and current server time are shown on this page as a reference so you know exactly what the server sees and when the server will draw your lottery. In the Draw Time you enter the time you want it to be drawn. (It uses the 24 hour format and also is based off of the CET timezone.) If you set your lottery to be public then it will be visible on the lists of lotteries that everybody can see, if you set it to not be public then it won't be visible on those lists, but anybody can still access it if they know the correct ID. After you've filled in all your fields you press "Submit" and your lottery should be created. If there are any errors, it will inform you.

Q: How do I assign tickets?
A: You must have created a lottery in order to assign tickets to players. After you've created a lottery, go to the Edit a Lottery page and log in and then go to the "Assign Tickets" link at the bottom of the page. Once you're there, you may copy and paste almost any ticket list into the text box there.Once you've done that you can choose to sort them in order (the order you put them into the text box) or randomly (which will simply assign people tickets randomly). After that, hit submit and wait for the lottery to be drawn. When the drawing is complete, it will show the results in this format (for example):
Rank 1) Ticket #5 - Shane

The Account System

Q: Do I have to make an account?
A: Absolutely not! The account system isn't a requirement, it just tries to make it easier to do certain things in Tibia Lottery. So you don't have to have an account, but you can if you'd like :)

Q: How do I make an account?
A: Go to the register link and register! It's pretty easy! Just fill in the fields :)

Q: What's a Login ID?
A: A login ID is just an ID you use to login, it's different from the username because nobody can see it. The username is what's seen by the public, the login ID is explicitly for the purpose of logging in.

Q: What does claiming a lottery mean?
A: If you claim a lottery it means you can control it just as you could as if you made it while logged into the account. It's kinda useless for lotteries already drawn, but makes life easier for those not yet drawn!

The Lottery System

Q: How do lotteries get drawn?
A: Lotteries are drawn through a magical force, better known as Most random number generators are based on psudo random numbers which are "okay" for most situations, but takes its random numbers from background noise in space, making them as random as possible. If fails to load for some reason, TibiaLottery resorts to PHP's built-in random function. You can find the code snippet here.

If you wish to ask more questions, then you may send an email to me at

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