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Finally HTTPS Enabled - March 1st, 2019

TibiaLottery has finally gotten HTTPS! If you see anything acting weirdly, please contact TibiaLottery support and let us know. Thanks. Yours, The TibiaLottery Team...News Ticketmore news

Tibia Lottery Tools

Tools created by Tibia Lottery are located here! On this page, you'll find things to help you out with your Lottery needs, whatever they might be! If you wanna suggest a tool for Tibia Lottery, send us an email at!

(some dice)Dice Roller
The dice roller is basically just an application that generates random numbers for you! Now, why would anyone need this? Well, if somebody asks you to pick a random number for you, you can guarentee that it's random by using the dice roller! Of course there are other uses too, but please don't use it in place of lotteries because you can't prove the numbers!

(some dice)Blank Page
Our contribution to the This Page Intentionally Left Blank project.

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